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Dr. Moyer

I know how I see myself, but I thought it might be interesting and more helpful to you to hear how others view me. I asked my collegues to describe me. This is what they said:

Richard J. Moyer III, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and creative technology consultant working in private practice in Banker’s Hill, San Diego, California. Doctor Moyer, is a dedicated student of depth psychology and blends the realms of pragmatism, psychodynamics and existentialism in his unique approach to psychotherapy—while trying to maintain a sense of humor. He received his doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology and currently consults for San Diego State University interfacing the disparate worlds of web and internet technology and depth psychology.

Dr. Moyer has a keen mind, empathic style and honest, authentic presence. His psychotherapy philosophy bridges the intellectual and the emotional with a tenacious curiosity that has both haunted and helped him throughout his life. He is a devotee of “truth”, meaningfulness and authentic living as cornerstones of therapy and healthy living. Dr. Moyer works with men of all sexual orientations and has special interests in masculine psychology and parenthood. As a life long, self-proclaimed “tech geek” and in his role as a university counselor, Dr. Moyer has a particular penchant for establishing rapport and working successfully with those who are especially “difficult to reach” including students struggling with depression and isolation, socially/emotionally challenged technology professionals and men and women struggling with existential and life questioning conflicts.

Dr. Moyer along with a team of psychologists at San Diego State University co-created an evidence based, on-line alcohol and marijuana intervention and personalized feedback tools which are now used in over 400 universities and colleges both in the U.S. and internationally. Additionally he is a technology consultant/mentor to mental health professionals integrating current technology developments into their practices.

Specialties and interests

  • Individual Psychotherapy
    Specialties and Interests:
    • Depression and Suicide
    • Men's Issues
  • Couples Psychotherapy
    • Counseling for different- and same-sex couples
    • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Psychological Assessment


Doctor of Psychology, 2003
California School of Professional Psychology

Master of Arts, 2000
California School of Professional Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, 1998
San Diego State University

High School Diploma, 1993
Valhalla High School

Junior High, 1989
Montgomery Middle School

Elementary, 1986
Hastings Elementary

Before that my recollection gets a little hazy...


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Fax: (619) 542-4339

Email: rjm3@doctormoyer.com